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mathematical animals ... the same scientists who gave us the dreadful arms for nuclear war" (27).
Even the Church cannot remain entirely without suspicion. In a critical editorial devoted to the September 1965 statement of Cardinal Suenens, Altamirano warns darkly that "today there are ideological currents deliberately aimed at destroying the spiritual power of the Church" (28). Soon he is hinting more darkly still at infiltration: "The great fallacious and deceiving argument that demographic growth lags behind economic growth has already been accepted by the Alliance for Progress and some sectors of the Church, as desired by the non-Catholic racists" (29). In disparaging the argument that slowing population growth will improve income distributions, he contemptuously attributes it to "CEPAL, Moscow, Washington, Rome, Peking, and Havana" (29, italics added). The changes in the Church are so incomprehensible they can only be attributed to evil forces. He admits he witnessed "with stupefication" how a South American Cardinal during the last ecumenical council "referred with disrespect and blasphemy to the dogma of the Virgin Mary"; and announced forthrightly the source of "the enemies without and the traitors within": it is no less than a community conspiracy. ". . . [T] he Marxist circles, assured that the Church would fall, little by little, into their hand,. . . tried to carry the socialist ideology to the encyclicals, pressuring for all possible agrarian reforms. . . their conspiracy against clerical celibacy. ... In Colombia Camilo Torres soon appeared . . . then to join the criminal communist gangs" (30).
The reader may have noted a not infrequent reference to a "racist plot," a plot which lies at the heart of Altamirano's crusade, "a vast racist communist and imperialistic conspiracy ... to socialize, depopulate and de-Catholicize us." The latter phrase is frequently used in the editorials and provides a useful point of departure for explication of his position. Let us consider each of its three terms.
Socialism. The Marxist infiltration of the Church is one small piece of a much grander design. Altamirano sees a "multicontinental, worldwide" effort to "take over." He sees the U.N. "plagued with agents of international leftism" (31) and the FAO "falling into the hands of activists of the socialist left" (32). Naturally, hemispheric institutions have been included. The Alliance for Progress, he feels, has felt the "lethal leftist influence" from its inception, and has been moving farther and farther toward destroying freedom in Latin America (33). The Economic Commission for Latin America is clearly under the influence of socialist economists.
Depopulation. The effort to depopulate Latin America is a part of the socialist conspiracy. The link is on occasion explicitly established.
Not only was it necessary to check demographic growth by birth con-ermission of the copyright holder.